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Need a doctor? Have some McCoys!

Star trek AU » Zombie Apocalypse

- Shoot me

- No Jim! We’ll find somewhere to hide. I’ll find some medicines. I’m gonna fix you up, kid. You’re gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna be okay, I’ll make it okay

- Bones… Bones, look at me. You gotta shoot me. You know you have to… It’s alright, Bones. You’ll be fine. You have to promise me you’ll be fine, Bones… Say it… Please

- Jim…


teenage!bones going through that rocker phase of leather vests and ripped jeans and combat boots and maybe an earpiercing

teenage!jim being the lacrosse team captain that has a crush on the kid with the intense hazel eyes that smokes cigarettes and watches them practice from underneath the bleachers

bones tries to play it cool but he’s always blushing when he watches the way the lacrosse captain’s muscles ripple as he plays. jim trying to impress the smoking boy with dips and dives and goals



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See, this is one thing that always manages to ruffle my feathers. The generalized arguments when it comes to Bones and Spock… Bones doesn’t hate Spock. Bones isn’t being malicious when he makes that statement. And, in response to the above, Bones doesn’t have anything confused. At that point in the movie Spock was not the same person he was at the end of the movie. That was kind of the whole point. You watched how the events changed them as they unfolded. You watched as new circumstances shaped their actions and reactions. You were watching them grow, and learn, and evolve to become the family that they are. Cause and effect. Would he have done whatever was in his power to get Jim back without breaking the Prime Directive if their positions were reversed? Likely. Would he have blatantly broken the Prime Directive the way Jim did… eh. Questionable. At that point in their respective lives Bones’ statement was valid and entirely logical given that Spock was willing to die himself in order to uphold the PD. My long winded and rambling point being that Bones wasn’t confusing anything. He was stating what was, at the time, Spock’s MO. It wasn’t until Spock witnessed Jim’s sacrifice that he understood it from the other side, and from Jim’s perspective. It was with that new experience, in addition to what happened with Pike, that he connected so fully with his humanity. Before that the argument can be made that he didn’t even fully understand it himself.

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star trek au where jim has numb tongue all the time


The person that you’d take a bullet for

is behind the trigger.